She Was A Lover Wants Money!

The new TVP 1 “Rezydencja” series boasts of a good cast. In addition to the renown of Polish acting, it was decided to reach for several actors of the young generation. In one of the roles we will see Gabriella Oberbek, a graduate of the Promosi Krakow Theater School.

Do you remember from the “Clan” the wife of the security officer of the escort agency Anita Sochacka, with whom Rysiek Lubicz (Piotr Cyrwus) met in court? It was Gabriela Oberbek who played this character. She played several episodic roles in other Polish series. And now it will be an opportunity to see her in the “Residence” (from Tuesday to Thursday, at 21:35).

– I play Luiza Droska, former Marek’s lover (Jan Wieczorkowski), who would still want something from him. In general, she is very interested in the Podhorecki family – explains the actress. – She will participate in a situation important for Marek and Basia (Anna Cieślak), but I can not tell which one.

It will turn out that Baśka is a very uncomfortable person for Luisa. Especially when it comes to the Podhorecki company and their big money.

“Residence” is not the only series in which Gabriela Oberbek will perform in autumn. Actually, on which of the four most popular TV channels would not switch, there you will be able to hit it.

– I will appear in time in a few episodes of “Second Hand News”, where I will start in auditions for the weather. I think I’m the dumbest of the candidates, but I do not know yet how the casting stages will go.

This is TVP 2. In addition, her role in “Straight to Heart” in TVN is to grow (and next year will come the “Agata’s Law”, in which she will play nanny Bernadette). In Polsat, on the other hand, we’ll see Gabriella Oberbek in one of the episodes of “Hotel 52”.